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About Us

At Jaguar, we have over 30 years’ experience in helping businesses across Metro Vancouver with their technology needs.
What makes Jaguar different is its commitment to your organization – helping it thrive & educating you & your people
about how to use technology to help save time & maximize money.

Our philosophy has always been about empowering our customers.

Not only do we apply our expertise to develop a sustainable technology network for your business, we also empower
you with knowledge so you can take full advantage of the technology. Some of our customers have been with us
going on 15 years – and for good reason with our expertise, attention to detail and our customer service focus.

Save time, maximize money.

We consistently hear from customers that – through the technology we install and manage – they are able to maximize
their time and money. You can feel secure that our knowledge base will provide you with a reliable system and that we
will offer you the highest quality of service. We are fortunate to continually work with amazing and innovative businesses
throughout BC. Since we opened our doors, we have not only taught this customer base a lot about technology but
they have helped us to fine tune what we offer to you. Thanks to them and our excellent Jaguar team, we have
consistently helped a wide range of businesses across Metro Vancouver save time & maximize money.

A New Evolution in Computing.

Jaguar’s commitment, know-how & customer service focus guarantees your satisfaction.
We invite you to join the new evolution in computing by getting in touch with us today.