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What’s the Best Way to Backup my System?

July 26, 2016 | By: admin

Hand holding an internal hard drive open faced

Just as you would with personal information, if you are operating a small-to mid-sized business, you are going to want to take steps to make sure your data is well taken care of, and this of course means backing it up.

Here are a few of the best options for backing up your system to ensure your data is not lost in the event your system does crash.


Perhaps one of the more well-know and well-used of the backup strategies, includes backing up your data using an external drive. If your system crashes, if you have to have a computer reinstalled, you can regularly transfer the contents of your computer or systems hard drive to this external unit and keep track of your data at all times.

While sometimes all you need to do is plug in the drive and it was begin its data transfer at automatic intervals, you can also use your computer’s backup feature to manually perform this function as well. Depending on your computer, you may use the built in backup program, Time Machine (for Macs), File History (for Windows 8 & 10), or the feature simply known as Windows Backup (for Windows 7).


Another common method of backing up a system is to use a storage service. While not ‘technically’ a back up strategy it does serve a very similar purpose for many users. Here you are actually storing your data on a service, not on an actual external hard drive. You have likely already heard of many of the available services what will ‘house’ your important data in this manner, should you system crash. Some such services include, OneDrive (Microsoft), Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud.

These options are typically very easy to manage as well as have the added bonus of being free to its users. Depending on how many files you have and the size of your company, these services can accommodate several gigabytes of data at no charge, so they can be a beneficial choice for your business.


One final method of backing up your data that can also be a storage/backup avenue for your business is to opt to do so via the internet. There are various backup services available over the internet from companies such as Carbonite, BackBlaze and CrashPlan. CrashPlan for example will operate in the background of your computer and will also back up your data automatically.

While these internet services will required that you pay some money, the cost is quite minimal at about $5 per month. These services can also offer quality data restorative features, including being used across more than one computer.

While you can take steps to avoid losing your vital business information, it is fairly inevitable that at one time or another you will lose some of this data. As a result, a good defence is to take action and prepare for this outcome by having in place a reliable data backup plan.

Why Integrate Communications Across your Business?

July 11, 2016 | By: admin


Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your small business? If so, perhaps one vital way you wish to do this is by focusing on the level of communication you provide within your company as well as with outside world.

Although you may be operating a smaller company, and might be thinking that communication within a small organization really shouldn’t be all that challenging, you may actually be surprised at how quickly a lack of communication can occur. Of course, this can even mean that your business could suffer.

So why is it so important to focus on integrating communications across your small business? Well, let’s begin by taking a closer look at what exactly we mean by integrating communications.

When you think about how communication works throughout your company, perhaps what first comes to mind is verbal communication. Often times, it is our ability to properly communicate through verbal communication that enables us to be successful in our daily lives. Well, the business world is nor different – the better equipped you are at communicating the more successfully you can function in business.

It can be said that communication is the backbone of any successful organization, it is then very important for these lines of communication to be clearly expressed, written, as well as physically delivered. In the event, there is a breakdown of any of these communications, this can certainly prove to be very problematic for your business as a whole.

Once again, integrating your business communications involves both internal and external communications. Internal communication is likely to involve face-to-face interaction, internal emailing, memos, as well as text messaging systems. In order to offer efficient and quality services to clients, employees need to be able to connect with one in an ongoing fashion.

As many businesses – big and small look to refine their level of internal communication, they may wish to utilize various sharing tools and applications which can allow colleagues to brainstorm and collaborate on presentations and other important business related tasks. As a result integrated internal communications are key to the success of your employee’s daily operations as well as ongoing projects and services they will be apart of.

Now with respect to external communication, it is also critical that these communication channels are being effectively prepared and delivered. Since corresponding with clients and other business associates is often of a time-sensitive thing, being able to properly communicate with the outside world is equally as important as being able to engage in internal integrated communications.

Overall, the integration of communications across your small business can lead to harmonized collaboration among all of your employees – even if your business is small enough to only have a few who occupy it.

Working more cohesively among your co-workers, your clients, and your business associates can enable you to operate a highly successful business, as well as having the potential to grow your business each and every time you effectively communicate with others.

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Hand holding an internal hard drive open faced
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