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At Jaguar, we are committed to designing, developing and implementing systems that will fully integrate your business through technology, saving you time so you can focus on what matters most – maximizing your sales.

To do this, we offer our exceptional expertise in tandem with only the best technology tools for your business. A sophisticated network relies on what we call the 6 pillars of a computer system. These 6 pillars include:

  1. Network & Hardware Infrastructure
    Including hardware server, software server, modems, routers, switches, personal computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones
  2. Specialized Software
    Including Accounting systems, drafting tools, publishing tools, industry specific software and CRM
  3. Rescue & Recovery
    Including Back-up software, storage devices, offsite storage and recovery strategies
  4. Document Management
    Including Office 365, data store, copies, document security, collaboration, team work
  5. Communications
    Including traditional phone systems, IP phones, internal instant messaging and Yammer from Microsoft
  6. Data Security
    Including login profiles, malicious software, firewalls, anti-virus and remedial software

6 pillarstitles

At Jaguar, our belief is that the 6 pillars need to be intact for your network to remain strong and well maintained. Any weakness in one pillar can collapse or harm the system & any harm to the system can create great strain on your business – causing you to spend more time and money.

Our aim is to strengthen these pillars through designing, implementing & managing your customized network. This way you can save time & maximize money through technology.


Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 keeps itself up to date, so you always have the latest features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Whether you’re working online or off, from your computer, tablet, or phone, Office 365 has you covered. With low upfront costs and the flexibility to add users and services as needed, Office 365 provides the ROI you need to succeed.

Contact us for a free demo and see how Office 365 can save your team time and money!


Certified Partners

We work with the best technology partners in the world to bring you proven, consistant results. Whether you’re looking for current network support, an existing network audit or a brand new set-up, we can help you with your IT needs to ensure you keep doing what you do best.