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Windows / Mac – which is best for your business?

If you are running a small to mid-size business, no doubt you will have many decisions on your plate. Now in this this day in age, one of the big choices sure to be on your mind will revolve around the type of technologies, including which operating systems you will use.

If you are deciding which route to choice, Windows or Mac – it can first be beneficial to take a look at the some of the initial advantages of going with either one of these operating systems.

Windows: Pros

First of all, Windows tend to run more inexpensively than Macs. For this reason alone, some business owners will opt for it over going with a Mac. Windows programs are also typically more familiar to a larger demographic of staff members as not all of them may have previous  experience working with Mac computers. Windows may also be advantage to your company as it can be more easily setup to manage a network of computers.

Macs: Pros

Macs also offer many benefits as well for business purposes. For example, while they are not completely immune to the ill affects of viruses and malware, they are not as susceptible to them to the same degree as PCs. While users may not be familiar with them at first, they can be relatively simple to adapt to. Mac computers are also very well constructed and typically do not require as many refurbishments over time.

While it is true that each system can be used in conjunction with one another, for example files can be shared between the two, this does of course require that certain files be exported and adjusted in order to be read, sometimes even to be opened. However, these tasks can run more smoothly from PC to PC, whereas Macs can receive documents from Windows without the same amount of legwork required by the user.

Therefore, in this respect if you want to make this a more straightforward process, with regards to sharing documents, choosing a Mac might be the more versatile option. This should not however, mean that you should rule out Windows as a top choice for your small or medium size business – and it too have a lot to offer.

Mac or Windows: which system is more suitable for you?

When it comes to deciding which system is more suitable for your business, it is important to mention that while PCs have in the past been used widely throughout the workplace, Macs are certainly working to narrow that gap.

Depending on the type of business you are running, either a PC or a Mac may fulfil the certain services you are providing more effectively. For IT companies, for example both can be used, although traditionally graphic design organizations have turned to Macs to help satisfy their specific workplace needs.

 Although Windows use to offer more in the way of software choices, Macs now come with more program options and compatibility so they can be utilized not only for graphic design purposes, but for many other workplace tasks as well. In terms of the types of programs on both Macs and Windows, it is more commonplace for each to offer applications that are similar is nature than in the past. If there is a Windows program, there is likely a Mac program offering a similar experience. Between programs, such as Pages in Mac and Word in Windows, you can achieve similar goals Рallow sometimes a preference might be made for certain functions in either programs when attempting certain types of business-related tasks.

While it is true that Macs offer many benefits, there are many reasons why companies still rely on Windows and PC formats for their important business solutions. As mentioned, Macs are more expensive and while are certainly impressive in terms of design and function in many diverse areas, Windows can still fulfil many of the same demands and can typically do this at less of a cost.

If you want to have a device that is more user-friendly, and also requiring less work in the way of upgrades, then Macs may be the better option – you will however be expected to pay a bit more for these features.

What it really may come down to here is preference. Preference for user-functionality versus saving some additional money in the upfront costs of these devices. In the end, Windows and Macs are expanding their scope all the time – and as a result it appears that opting for one operating system over the other is also becoming less of a critical choice.